Hoverboard ROCKET 8.5″ Bluetooth

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This hoverboard is distinguished from other by ultra-wide wheels with deep racks, which will make it much easier to overcome uneven surfaces. This model has “rockets” above the wheels that light up when an extra button is pressed.

Information about the ROCKET hoverboard:
Power: 700W (2x 350W)
Wheel diameter: 8.5 inches (216mm)
Battery: 4.4 Ah SAMSUNG lithium ion
Weight: 14kg
Minimum load: 20kg
Maximum load: 90kg
Speed: Depending on the weight of the load, the road conditions. Up to 15km / h
Distance traveled (fully charged): 15-20km. Depending on the load, the road conditions
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Maximum heights: 15 degrees


Juoda, Mėlyna, Raudona, Violetinė


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